Dartmoor Area Guide

Dartmoor is a unique place with it’s wild, open moorlands, deep river valleys, rare wildlife and colourful history. This is granite county. Dartmoor has the largest area of granite in Britain with some of it forming outcrops on hills which create the famous Dartmoors tors... all 160 of them!

Navigate the moorland by driving along it’s miles and miles of criss cross lanes and discover ancient stone bridges, forests, peat bogs and herds of wild Dartmoor pony who thrive in this wild and unforgiven landscape.

Dartmoor is also known for its legends and myths. It’s reportedly the haunt of a headless horseman, pixies, a mysterious pack of spectral hounds and a very large black dog amongst others. These elaborate tales make exploring the moorland with your family and friends even more fun.

There is so much on offer in this glorious moorland, for outdoorsy people it’s a big playground waiting to be conquered and if that’s not your thing then you can find a secluded spot and just relax and take it easy.