A skipping stone's throw away

Published: Tuesday 10th May 2011

We had a wonderful day yesterday, drove down to Umberleigh and went for a glorious walk along the river. The scenery was enchanting: rolling hills, soft sunshine, wild flowers bursting through the hedgerows. We saw our fair share of wildlife too. As well as the customary pair of buzzards hovering above, we spotted several species of butterfly, a jam jar's worth of frog-spawn and the highlight, an adder swimming across a stream.    I checked in on the cottages at Umberleigh Barton and Bridge Farm while we were there too. Beautiful properties, brilliant standards and all in the heart of our unbeatable countryside. And one last thing - all just a stone's throw from our amazing coast. Its well worth going off the beaten track now and again, and in North Devon we are lucky, we can have it all.