Devon and Cornwall establishments among the finest in UK

Published: Monday 28th May 2012

Hotels and establishments across the Westcountry have been on the receiving end of praise, with recent poll confirming them as some of the finest found anywhere in the UK.

It was compiled by TripAdvisor, with the travel website for the first time ever collating their consumer ratings system according to county's, resulting in some pleasing reading for Devon and Cornwall. In the final results Cornwall came in second, followed closely by neighbouring Devon in fourth.

Out of a maximum 5 stars, Cornwall scored an average of 4.29, with Devon finishing with a respectable 4.23, With the website collecting the views of millions of visitors of Devon since 2004, it's clear that the strong position is by no means luck.

Chief Executive Malcolm Bell expressed delight upon receiving the news, also stating the importance on the review service and how it can help boost tourism for Devon. He said: "People do go online and read these reviews than take account of rating. The fact that Devon is up at number four is good news for the entire region."

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