Second Zebra foal in six months born at Paignton Zoo

Published: Wednesday 1st Aug 2012

With more than 2000 creatures happily making it their home, it’s no wonder that Paignton zoo has long been one of the most popular attractions on the south coast. Keepers at the Torbay Park are said to be thrilled after confirming the safe arrival of Hartmann’s mountain zebra foal, with the youngster said to be adapting well to its new surroundings.

Born on the 16 July, it marks the sixth birth of the species at the Zoo, with it also being the second in less than six months. It is a truly homegrown affair, with his Mother Taru being born at the Zoo herself back in 2002. The arrival is welcome news for more than one reason, with the small herd previously severely outnumbered by females which could have an effect on breeding.

If you happen to be staying in any of the beautiful Devon cottages in the coming weeks, why not come along and see how the new foal is settling in at the park?

Image credit: calestyo