Clovelly Herring Festival 2013

Published: Sunday 17th Nov 2013

The annual Herring Festival was held at Clovelly in North Devon on Sunday 17th November.  The ‘Silver Darlings’ as they are fondly know as have been harvested in Clovelly for hundreds of years.  In 1749 when it was at its peak there were up to 100 fishing boats in the small harbour.  At the prime of the herring fishing industry as many as 9000 herring would be caught at one time.  Those days have gone and there are only 2 herring fishermen who use these waters to fish, using drift nets and long lines.  However, their early morning catch that day supplied plenty of hungry visitors.

It was a fantastic day with plenty going on, from flax processing demonstrations, net making, street entertainment, food and craft stalls and cooking demonstrations – we tried squid stew, deep fried herring roe and delicious fish pasties.  The air was filled with live sea shanty singing and the hum of locals and visitors having a very traditional day by the sea.

William's Cottage and Emily's Cottage are wonderful properties close to Clovelly.