Feel Good Sunday

Published: Monday 20th Jan 2014

We had a lovely walk along Instow Beach yesterday.  The sun was shining and loads of people had the same idea. Also lots of happy dogs with waggy tails! One little terrier was so excited playing football with his nose – he was a really good dribbler – I don’t think even David Beckham would have passed him! Trouble was – it wasn’t his ball! It belonged to a couple of little boys who were delighted to have a 3rd player in their game.  The dog’s owner had difficulty catching up with him – but she finally showed him the red card and he was substituted – or in other words the ball was picked up and he was sent off!

The view across to Appledore was stunning and also along the estuary to Bideford. Docked at Appledore Shipyard was a huge boat – obviously in for some sort of repair. Unfortunately the tide was out so no watersports going on – but not sure how many would have braved it anyway in January! 

It certainly was lovely just to be out enjoying some fresh air and sunshine.  Perfect for those who had had the foresight to have lunch at one of the restaurants overlooking the beach and then to be able to walk it off! I did notice that some people were just enjoying the scene from their cars along the seafront or even having a doze!

The only thing missing was the Hockings ice cream van which usually makes its first appearance around Easter.

Can’t wait for the next chance to do it all again.

Feel Good Sunday