The Nation’s Funniest Pet Names

Published: Thursday 28th Aug 2014

To celebrate the launch of our new interactive pet-friendly map to Devon and Cornwall, we hosted a competition where we asked the people of the UK to tell us the funniest/weirdest pet names they’ve ever heard or used. The suggestions were hilarious. And although we had to pick one winner from hundreds of entries, we really found it hard narrowing them down. 

So as a way of saying thanks to everyone who kindly entered, we’ve compiled our top 50 best pet names. We hope these make you laugh as much as we did!

In no particular order: 

  1. Taxi the dog – Yvonne Bruce
  2. Pugnacious the Pug – Brian Bailey
  3. Martin Von Peebles the 3rd the cat – Claire D Leahy 
  4. Bimbo the guinea pig – Linda  Sallie Guest
  5. Fizziwig the hamster – Sarah Evans 
  6. Chewbarker the dog – Sylvia Gill
  7. Herbert Sherbert the dog – Kat Walsh 
  8. Ewok – Amelia Avossa
  9. Higgs-Bosem the cat – Susan Naylor
  10. Fraidy the cat – Caro M Tongue
  11. Only the fish – Barbara Lizzie Tanner
  12. Lecky (short for Electric Light Socket) the dog – Danny Daniel
  13. Tivoli (spelt backwards means “I Love it”) the persian cat – Louise Finch
  14. Mucus the cat – Mark Lloyd
  15. Psycho the black cat – Carol Clement
  16. Defleada Hog the Hedgehog – Kim Styles
  17. Astrophe the cat – Aliza Goren
  18. Waffles the Newfoundland – Mark Milsom
  19. Mrs Bridges the dog – Lynneth Caldwell
  20. Okay and Dokay the two dogs  – Liz Briggs
  21. Tripod the three legged cat – Liz Denial
  22. Bacchus the Great Dane – Richard Randall
  23. Speedy Gonzalez..the tortoise – Anne Eames
  24. Asker the dog – Annie Richardson
  25. Paco Rabanne the cat – Karen Richards
  26. Carwash the cat – Helen Spilllet
  27. Cheesecake the cat – Lindsey Clark
  28. Hoofhearted the goat – Joe Squire
  29. Lara Croft the hamster – Janet Goodlad
  30. John West the fish – Sarah Patrick
  31. Kiev and Nugget the chickens – Danielle Marcroft
  32. Brian Furry the cat from the 1970s – Bob Hilliar
  33. Tom jones the dog – Susan Gough
  34. Korma, Tikka and Vindaloo the chickens – Anna Maria Tuckett
  35. Captain James T Kirk the dog  – Anthony Webster
  36. Asbo the dog – Julie Perry
  37. Dolce and Gabbana the dogs – Jackie Oneil
  38. Trevor McDonald the fish  – Reb Lacy
  39. Onion the dog – Caroline Baker
  40. Conversational Dave the cat – Laura Hadland
  41. Maximus Aurelius Commander of the Alley Cats of the North – Austin Phillip
  42. Hamlet the great dane – Helen Stratton 
  43. Sin the black cat – Sandy Hill-Smith 
  44. Pineapple the cat – Laura Herbert 
  45. Alvin Starburst the dog – Laura Marshall 
  46. Floater the fish – Sarah Stocks 
  47. Claude the kitten – Stephanie Whitehouse 
  48. Cupboard the dog – Kayla Shortt 
  49. Satan the black cat – Wesley Stuart 
  50. Fish the dog – Pauline McDonald 

The Winner is…Laura Hadland with her winning answer: Conversational Dave the cat. Laura will be sent a luxury Regency hamper worth over £200, plus a few pet treats for Conversational Dave of course!