Use the force, Luke!

Published: Monday 26th Oct 2015

Written by: Ginny Kay

Star Wars fans will be excited to learn that there will be a very special display of Star Wars and other Sci Fi memorabilia at the Milky Way throughout the October half term.

Taken from one man's private collection, Star Wars items on display will include characters such as Ja Ja binks, R2D2 and C3P0, as well as characters from the popular TV cartoon spins offs.

PLUS on Saturday 31st October visitors will be able to meet and take pictures with Storm Troopers and other characters from the films as they patrol the park throughout the day.

This is all thanks to the 501st UK Garrison, the world's largest and most accurate Star Wars costume character club. Widely regarded across the globe as the pinnacle of excellence the 501st UK Garrison are the official preferred costuming group of Lucasfilm. The Garrison are all volunteers who donate 100% of their appearance fees to charity.

What's more any child in Star Wars fancy dress will gain half price entry on Saturday 31st October.

Ginny Kay



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