Who is afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Published: Wednesday 30th Mar 2016

Written by: Sarah Dullaghan

Don't be afraid. Come and visit the beautiful new wolves to Exmoor Zoo.  Danny Reynolds curator and co-owner at Exmoor Zoo says “Ever since we have cared for and developed Exmoor Zoo (as far back as 1993 now) we have wanted to exhibit wolves. Not any wolves but the big Russian wolves that roam the tundra and the frozen arctic circle”

“Flea” and “Hendrix” are two litter brothers that were born in a Swedish wildlife park are just finishing their rabies quarantine required by UK government law and are settling well into their new enclosure, that took 2 years to built. Already big, these wolves have yet more growing and filling out as they are not yet a year old!

They are not shy of people, unlike most wolves as they have been reared amongst humans and not reared by their natural wolf parents that would teach them to naturally fear us.

“Flea and Hendrix have been chosen with care, we did not want wolves that would be unhappy around people” added Danny Reynolds  “….We are proud to be entrusted to look after them”

Exmoor Zoo is open daily from 10am to 5pm until summer. Flea and Hendrix can be readily seen at any time of the day – actually the worse the weather the more they are better adapted for the extremes.

To find out more, please visit Exmoor Zoo t: 01598 763352e: info@exmoorzoo.co.uk


Copy and images kindly provided by Exmoor Zoo


Sarah Dullaghan



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