Our Favourite Days Out in Devon

Published: Thursday 26th Jul 2018

With so many great days out to choose from, it can be tricky to decide what to do. We've asked some of our team for their favourite days out in Devon, take a look below.


Our Guest Services Assistant, Katie -  A Family Beach Day at Woody Bay

Last Sunday we had a family beach day out at Woody Bay. Myself, my Husband Dan, our 18 month old daughter Chloe and our two dogs. Amber the Labrador and Nala a cocker spaniel cross Labrador. We took a picnic lunch and plenty of sun cream! Woody Bay is not the easiest beach to get to and there was only one other couple. Chloe had endless fun playing with the pebbles. It felt so therapeutic and refreshing to swim in the see in the UK without a wetsuit on. The sea was so warm and water was so clear. Amber even joined me for a swim.

Woody Bay The View of Woody Bay

Swimming  Swimming with Amber


Our Guest Services Assistant, Sophie - A Day Out at Umberleigh

Below are two photos from my day out at Umberleigh (Marsdens have 3 cottages there) on Sunday. Beautiful weather, relaxing in the kayak and my little Eva doing her best impression of the Lion King.


Kayak Relaxing in the Kayak

Eva Eva



Our New Business Assistant, Tracy - Avoiding the Heat at Watersmeet!

Unfortunately for me the novelty of 29 degrees has long since worn off and all I want is to be cool! Well, all I can say is Watersmeet on Exmoor is a pretty cool place in every sense! With the car air con on full we set off from Barnstaple and within minutes have the hills and vales of Exmoor in our sights. It's simply stunning - no matter the time of year - but today, with the sun shining through the leaves our dappled journey through country lanes, with shimmering glimpses of cool waters below is simply delightful.

Having parked the car we head down the fairly steep path to Watersmeet. As its name suggests, this is where the waters of two rivers - the East Lyn and Hoar Oak Water merge. Its beauty is natural, but the conservation of this wonderful place is all thanks to the National Trust who also offer a tempting choice of delicious refreshments in the seasonal tea rooms. Obviously to not support this worthy facility would initiate its demise and so after careful consideration two whortleberry cream teas are duly ordered.

Watersmeet Tea Rooms at Watersmeet

Cream Tea Enjoying a Cream Tea


Sitting in the gardens beside the flowing river enjoying our mouth-watering feast (jam on top of course) we are meticulously watched by a host of fledgling birds. Finches, robins and blue tits are there in a flash as we sacrifice a few crumbs. Although tempted to stay with our new feathered friends, we set off for a stroll. There are several footpaths to choose from and we decide to walk up to the picturesque bridge and come back along the opposite side. It's so sheltered and cool here. We stand to watch entire families - including their four-legged friends - frolicking in the water as it cascades on its journey to the sea. Eventually the temptation is too great and we sit - gnome like - minus fishing rods - with our feet in the water - heaven! We are surrounded by trees providing a welcome canopy sheltering us from the scorching heat although it is impossible to count every shade of green we can see - it's stunning.

Paddling Paddling at Watersmeet

Waterfall A Day Out at Watersmeet

All too soon its home time and we slowly head back up the path to the car and 29 degrees!