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Bar Electric

  • Corner of West Road and Beach Road, Woolacombe, Devon
  • 01271 870429

A modern drinking, eating and entertainment joint perched on the hill overlooking Woolacombe, which manages to successfully combine its contemporary feel with a genuinely canine-friendly approach to the business of keeping customers well-watered, well-fed and properly amused. Run by two brothers, the bar projects the sunny and surfy character of it proprietors, and the culture here is as laidback as you will find anywhere in Devon.

The food is good, honest and homemade, utilising a whole range of fresh and locally sourced ingredients, and the menu is as reasonably priced as it is extensive – and kids eat for free. There are plenty of veggie options as well as carnivorous choices, and you can go as fancy as you want, or take it back to basics as you fuel up for another round with Woolacombe's beach breakers, a run on the beach with the dog or just a night of chilled-out boozing. Speaking of liquid refreshments, the bar bangs out all manner of cocktails alongside a big range of beers and wines. Entertainment includes live music and open-mic nights.

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