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Billy Budds

Physically connected to the Thatch by a shared beer garden, Billy Budds is now owned by the same people who operate the classic pub next door, and it also shares its welcoming approach to customers with dogs. On the face of it, running two neighbouring pubs might seem nonsensical, but Croyde is a busy place for much of the year and the two venues are so different that it seems to work perfectly. The common denominators are the fact that they both serve beer and food, and they both like dogs, but beyond that there are few similarities.

Billy Budds offers a menu that is much more simplistic than the fare on offer at the Thatch, consisting mostly of pizzas and burgers, but the food still has a reputation that proceeds it, both for tastiness and the generous size of the portions – few dogs leave this place without having been given a few leftover titbits. Overall Billy Budds attracts a younger more lively crowd, with its surfy feel and more contemporary decor. Both have parking, and both welcome well-behaved kids as well as dogs.

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