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Donkey Sanctuary

Believe it or not, this donkey sanctuary set in the rolling South Devon hills, welcomes well-behaved, non aggressive dogs. Scenically situated in the coastal hills on the outskirts of the seaside hotspot of Sidmouth, it provides a happy home for hundreds of donkeys and mules who have been rescued from a life less lovely all over the UK and beyond. Entry is free (you can, of course make a donation), and the sanctuary really does welcome canine visitors so long as they're respectful towards the equine residents.

It’s a far more extensive set-up than many people realise, hub of an operation that has literally hundreds of staff working worldwide to protect this often neglected animal, used as beast of burden everywhere but often left unloved at the end of its useful working life. Like dogs and (some) humans, donkeys know the meaning of friendship and loyalty, and not unlike dogs these little characters form lifelong platonic partnerships with each other (hence the many devoted pairs of donkeys you’ll meet). The site is extensive, and besides the donkeys themselves it boasts everything from a maze to picturesque picnic spots, and there are several signposted walkways that you can follow out onto stretches of the South West Coast Path. This is a genuinely great day out for everyone – including your own devoted hound.