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George & Dragon

The oldest pub in Ilfracombe, dating right back to 1360, the George & Dragon is run by Jon and Linda Quinn – ably assisted by their dog Main (as in Maine Road – they're Manchester City fans!). Jon and Linda are very friendly and great hosts to all their customers, blue or red, human or canine, real or spectral. Yes, there are rumours that ghosts frequent the property, but with a history going back over 650 years it would be quite surprising if there weren't a few skeletons in the snugs.

They allow children in the bar, but you get the distinct impression that they prefer dogs – less noise and destruction all-round. Speaking of noise, gratuitous use of mobile phones is barred. The bar has low ceilings, beautiful woodwork throughout and fantastic large fireplaces. There's a dartboard and decks of cards are available from behind the bar. They serve a good selection of cask ales, stouts, ciders and lagers, and there's a well-stocked wine cellar. They also serve a decent lunch (noon–3pm and dinner (6.30pm–9pm) from a rotating blackboard menu.

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