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Ness Cove Beach

  • Shaldon, Devon TQ14 0HP

No one seems to know who exactly was responsible for burrowing a man-sized mousehole through the cliff-face in order to reach the sea here, but whoever they were, everyone is glad they bothered – not least the fortunate Fidos who get to explore the sandy semi-circle that is Ness Cove as a result. Rumours abound that the tunnel was cut by smugglers who used this beach for hundreds of years, but others believe it was dug by the family in nearby Ness house to give them access to the sea. After emerging from the tunnel and descending some steps, you find yourself bathed in sunlight on a brilliant and expansive cove of a beach here. And, unlike The Tunnels Beaches in Ilfracombe, dogs are definitely welcome all over the place here. Framed by red cliffs at the back, and blue water to the front, the Ness offers safe swimming and is a fabulous place to spend a day with your dog.

Beach type: Sand.
Dog information: Year-round off-lead access.