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Putsborough Beach Shop & Cafe

  • Putsborough Sands, near Georgeham, Devon, EX33 1LB
  • 01271 890327

Nestled into the hillside close to the car park, and boasting an unbeatable view out across the dog-friendly expanse of seaside that is Putsborough Sands, the Putsborough Beach Shop & Cafe offers visitors everything from hot and cold refreshments inside and out (on a cracking veranda) to inflatable beach toys and buckets and spades.

Just like the beach that forms their extended front yard, the efficient café is completely dog-friendly (so long as the animals are well behaved and don't charge around like bulldogs in a china shop). Tony and his crew are open daily from April until the end of October, and all weekends throughout the winter, offering life-saving bowls of piping-hot soup to dog-walkers. The shop shelves here are like knick-knack nirvana for British seaside resort afficionados, stacked high with rock, plastic toys, souvenir t-shirts and porcelain VW combi vans complete with miniature surf boards on the roof.

You can get any essentials you may have forgotten, too, such as sun cream and towels. There are cards, books, maps and guides to the area, and it's hard to think of a better place to sit with a steaming cup of coffee cradled in your hands, contented dog at your feet, gazing out the window as you pen a few postcards to people back home.

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