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Seaton Beach

  • Seaton, Devon PL11 3JQ

The first beach you encounter after crossing the Dorset–Devon border, and a central part of the Jurassic Coast. Seaton Beach is a three-mile long stretch of seaside which lies on an ancient fault line between two cliff faces, one red the other white. It’s pretty much pebbly from seawall to waves, but every now and then something freakish happens and all the pebbles disappear to be replaced by sand. Either way, this elongated beach provides a good running ground for hardy hounds and humans who don't mind a few stones beneath their feet.

The water quality is better for the lack of sand, and this is a good swimming beach (although it does get deep quickly, so be warned). The Axe River flows out here, towards the eastern end of this beach, forming a lovely little harbour, and on the other side you can explore the undercliff beach for miles with virtually no one else around and your dog off the lead, all the way to the Dorset border.

Beach type: Pebble.
Dog information: Dogs not allowed on the main beach (between the Axe River mouth and Castle Hill) in summer but west of Castle Hill to Seton Hole is dog-friendly all year. East of the river right as far as Lyme Regis is a little-used wild beachscape that your hound can bound around on to their heart's content.