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The Thatch

A beautiful village pub in the middle of super popular Croyde, the Thatch positively oozes with olde-schoole Devonian charm. The thatched roof sits on top of the pub like a thick head of hair, and inside regulars mix with blow-ins as they sip pints of real ale and bask in the heat of an open fire and relax in the warmth of the general atmosphere.

Dogs are accepted throughout the bar area with open arms, so long as they behave themselves, but they're not permitted in the rear part of the pub, which morphs into a more formal eating area. Quality food is a big drawcard here, with locally sourced ingredients being used across the menu. There's a nice beer garden here, and regular live entertainment and organised shindigs such as beach parties make it an all-evening destination.

Right opposite the Thatch is Ralph's surf shack, offering board and wetsuit hire, strategically positioned to remind those coming out of the pub full of Dutch courage that they have promised their mates they will face the elements the next day, even if it is raining and they have a hangover.

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