New You in the New Year

Published: Thursday 12th Dec 2013

Written by: Gloria O'Connell

New You in the New Year? ........

We are fast approaching probably the most enjoyed family festival in the calendar year in the UK today. We now have the annual institutions of Easter, Christmas and New Year, with accompanying bank holidays when we can take time for ourselves and relax. Each of these holidays have things in common, such as buying gifts, visiting friends and family, possibly eating and drinking more than usual, which leads us right on to why we can find ourselves deciding we need to make a New Year resolution. Somehow it seems to help us come to terms with admitting how many mince pies we ate or bubbly we drank. It’s interesting that we put ourselves under pressure after a holiday - to be better, be fitter, or more prudent.

Statistics show that in a survey of 3000 people making them, 88% failed to keep their resolution. Men achieved 22% if they set a definite goal and women achieved 10% if they had a friends support.

Some of the most popular resolutions are:

  • Get fit by exercising, try to diet, eat healthy food and lose any bad habits
  • Be more positive, learn a new subject, try to laugh more
  • Save money
  • Get a better job or start own business
  • Learn a new language, join an evening class
  • Reduce stress in life, be more organised, watch less TV, restrict time playing video games
  • Take up some voluntary work
  • Get along better with people at work and home
  • Make new friends
  • Spend quality time with family members
  • Travel

We are fortunate today that we do have annual holidays to look forward to and to plan for and whether we feel the need to make a resolve or not, it’s still great to have a break to look forward to. If you resolve to travel in 2014 then we invite you to consider Marsdens Cottages portfolio, maybe whilst you sip a drink and eat some cake.

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Gloria O'Connell



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