Curious about the luxurious?

Published: Tuesday 14th Jan 2014

By Katerina Georgiou

Luxury, as defined by the Oxford Dictionary, is ‘a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense’. But who says luxury has to cost the earth? Here at Marsdens Devon Cottages, it’s our aim to provide great comfort, elegance, and luxurious touches to all our properties, at fair and affordable prices.

Luxuries don’t have to be associated with high end hotels with concierges, grand marble staircases and overpriced room service. Some may come to think of these things as the epitome of luxury but essentially, aren’t these touches a little ostentatious and quite unnecessary? 

When holidaying in a cottage, ‘luxury’ has an altogether different meaning – a more personal one.

When staying at a Marsdens cottage, luxuries surround you, because after all, it’s your time to relax in any way you see fit; whether that’s kickin’ your feet up in front of the telly, with the smell of home cooking from locally sourced produce drifting through from the kitchen and the fire crackling in the background; or perhaps you’d prefer to get the wellies out to explore the vast countryside and dine in the heart of the town you’ve adopted as home for the next week or so. 

Either way, a luxury cottage accommodates all your needs, and with countless properties rated 5 stars, there’s a wealth of choice when selecting your perfect holiday haven. 

You have an entire house at your leisure, with as many rooms as you need, providing you the opportunity to bring the whole family or a large group of friends. There’ll be a beautiful garden to enjoy your home-cooked food al fresco, or if cooking isn’t your thing, you’re sure to discover a soon-to-be favourite eatery that’s never too far away.

A Marsdens cottage brings the feeling of home on holiday with you, while still making you feel as far away from your everyday life as can be. What more of a luxury could you ask for?

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