Perfect Bank Holiday in Ilfracombe

Published: Friday 9th May 2014

Written by: Ginny Kay

It was such a beautiful sunny day that I decided to take a walk and enjoy the delights of Ilfracombe after dropping my son off at the skatepark there. I parked close to the park and walked to the harbour, stopping to gaze at Verity at the viewpoint – she had a large seagull on her head, but still looked impressive.  There were lots of squealing kiddies and damp dogs playing on the sand, they were having so much fun in the sun, a couple of brave lads were actually swimming! I meandered up the steep High Street, studying the menus on display as I went, and then turned right back down to the Landmark where the Beer Festival was in full swing with live music and lots of happy families enjoying the kiddies’ entertainment outside the theatre. In the main bar, and spilling out on the far side of the Theatre overlooking the sparkly sea, were lots of happy customers sampling the delights of the festival ale – over 30 kegs had been shipped in especially, with a detailed description available of each one.  I stayed a while, and listened to the folk band that were playing in the main hall, and then continued walking around Capstone Hill.  There was a high tide, so the sea was crashing onto the rocks close to me, and a welcoming fresh breeze. After picking up my favourite ice cream from a harbour-side shop I wandered back to the car, weaving around the crowds that had collected at the harbour. What a perfect day!

Ginny Kay



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